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A Simple Guide to 2024 Medicare Supplement Plans

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Discover the available Medicare Supplement Insurance plans in 2024 and stay informed about the latest updates. Understand the differences between plan types and make an informed choice. Prepare for rising healthcare costs with comprehensive coverage.

Medicare Supplement Costs

Understanding Medigap Policy Ratings and Costs

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Discover how Medigap insurance plans are rated and priced, and learn how to choose the right coverage for your needs. Get insights into different rating criteria and factors that impact costs. Find the best Medigap policy for you with United Medicare Advisors.

Proposal: Medicare to Fund Caregiver Training

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CMS Proposes that Medicare Pay Health Care Professionals to Train Caregivers People suddenly facing a caregiving role can sometimes find a demanding and daunting routine, which many are technically and emotionally unprepared for. It’s a situation that can complicate a caregiver’s relationship with family members and impose a list of…

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period 2023

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Each year, Medicare beneficiaries are allowed to re-shop their Medicare benefits to find a plan that works well for them. While many plans automatically renew, many beneficiaries still prefer to take the time to compare their options when they can. Depending on what kind of Medicare plan you have, there…

What Adults 65+ Need to Know About Taxes

Tax Tips For Seniors: 5 Things You Must Know

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Whether you’re retired or still working, here are 5 must-know tax tips for seniors: 5. Utilize the 1040-SR Tax Form Traditional tax forms use tiny print that’s a strain on the eyes. Fortunately, people over 65 can take advantage of a new tax filing form that’s much easier to read.…

health benefits of meditation

The Many Health Benefits of Meditation

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What if someone told you they had a pill that would reduce stress, improve mood, increase energy, make you more creative, increase patience, and extend your life? Would you take it? The effects listed are the tip of the iceberg of the health benefits of meditation for older adults.  Let’s…

When Medicare Becomes Your Secondary Payer

5 Times When Medicare Becomes Your Secondary Payer

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Medicare is the primary insurance provider for most retirees aged 65 and older. However, there are some circumstances where Medicare will not have the primary payment responsibility for your health care. Here are five common situations when Medicare becomes your  Secondary Payer. 1. Americans and spouses working for companies with…

The Negative Effects of Stress

The Negative Effects of Stress

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Stress is a commonly discussed topic, so most people know it doesn’t do the body any favors. However, it can be hard to understand what qualifies as stress and precisely what you’re supposed to do to combat it. This is important because the negative effects of stress are profound. In…

Baby Boomer

Celebrating the Baby Boomer Generation

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Get out your party hats! Baby Boomer Recognition Day is August 17th. This event is an opportunity to celebrate a generation of people worthy of being honored. Baby Boomers, or colloquially ‘boomers,’ have witnessed massive events globally and have had a tremendous influence on the world. In the spirit of…

myths about Medicare

4 myths about Medicare’s financial future and why they’re wrong

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There has been a lot of conversation about Medicare’s financial outlook and whether it can withstand the influx of beneficiaries now and in the future. Naturally, there are a lot of myths about Medicare. As a large part of the country’s federal budget, Medicare spending continues to rise. However, it…

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