Why choose United Medicare Advisors?

United in Your Medicare Journey

- We analyze and compare over 20 national insurance carriers

- We serve 45 states in the continental United States

- We've submitted over 600,000 Medicare Supplement policies across the country

- We love helping people make the right decision with their Medicare Insurance

About UMA

United Medicare Advisors does all the hard work for you. We provide personalized assistance to help you no matter where you are on your Medicare journey. Since 2009, UMA’s expert agents have helped over 600,000 clients save an average of $581 per year on their premiums.

Through the power of comparison shopping, our licensed agents provide up-to-the-minute information on the best rates available. And because we are not committed to any single carrier, our clients are free to choose a plan without pressure and feel more confident in their policy decisions.

We’ll ask about your health needs, lifestyle, and budget to determine which plan type is right for you. Then, we compare prices side-by-side to get you the best deal. 

When you’re ready to purchase a plan, we’ll help guide you through enrolling in a plan to get you confidently covered. And our support doesn’t end when the call does. We offer ongoing support through Annual Policy Reviews, on-demand resources, and a team of in-house, US-based customer service representatives, we add true service to Medicare Supplement. 

With UMA, you don’t have to be afraid that you missed an important detail. 

It's free and no obligation!

Find the Most Affordable Medicare Plans in your Area

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Ongoing Support

Our Mission

We are United with You for Your Entire Medicare Journey. 

We understand that Medicare can be confusing and that financial decisions can be a source of worry. Our mission is to ensure you feel confident about your Medicare insurance. Period. Whether you have a concern about a condition, medication, or change in health, we are your advocate throughout your entire Medicare experience — not just your policy choice.

Our Agents

Technology can be convenient, but it will never replace speaking with a real person. When you have questions, want learn about your options, and have a real conversation - we are here for you. That’s the UMA difference: our independent licensed insurance agents always keep your personal health needs and budget top priority. Plus, UMA provides the same unbiased support well after you’ve chosen a plan.

  • Our licensed insurance agents listen to your situation to help you find a plan that gives you needed coverage and will guide you through every step of the enrollment process.
  • Our Customer Care team is available to answer any Medicare-related question you have.
  • Our Customer Success agents review and help you re-shop your plan as your needs change over time.

No matter if you enrolled today or 20 years ago, you have dedicated team at just a phone call away.