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Top travel tips for seniors

Top travel tips for seniors

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Whether it’s a bucket-list trip to visit the Eiffel Tower or a cross-country road trip to see family, seniors are traveling more than any generation before them. But unfortunately, like many others across the nation—51 percent of seniors find booking travel to be difficult and oftentimes overwhelming. Below are our…

Medicare's Extra Help Program

What is Medicare’s Extra Help Program?

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Basic health care is the right of all Americans. Those who cannot afford to pay for their health care may qualify for a low-income subsidy under the Medicare Extra Help program. Read on to understand more about this subsidy and its qualification requirements. What is the Medicare low-income subsidy? The…

Starting Medicare

Starting Medicare: 4 Common Situations To Navigate

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I don’t know where to begin. Transitioning to Medicare can feel absolutely overwhelming. That’s why you need a great partner who can help you before and after you enroll. United Medicare Advisors (UMA) has a library of great Medicare resources available online, but we’re also a team of real people…

When is the next time to change Medicare?

Medicare while working past age 65

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Enrolling in Medicare is an important milestone in your life. To gain the maximum benefits from your health care, however, you have to sign up at the right time. If you’re considering getting Medicare before you stop working, make sure you understand the impact this decision could have on your…

The growth of Medicare fraud and abuse

The Growth of Medicare Fraud and Abuse

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While the majority of American individuals and businesses are honest, Medicare fraud and abuse is on the rise. Learn more about this growing epidemic of health care system abuse and its affect on honest Medicare users. How Does Medicare Fraud and Abuse Occur? Medicare fraud involves a range of dishonest…

Medicare & VA benefits: how they work together

VA & Medicare Benefits: How They Work Together

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The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) and Medicare are two separate medical coverage programs. If you served in the military, you might have access to VA benefits and Medicare. How do the two types of coverage work together? When You Use a VA Hospital If you get medical care at…

Do Medicare supplement plans automatically renew

What happens if you don’t renew a Medigap plan?

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Whether you deal with a chronic condition and you have significant medical expenses or you simply want to ensure that your future needs are met at the lowest possible cost, you need the peace of mind that Medicare provides. But what happens if you forget to renew your plan? Do…

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