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Boomer health care: A mix of digital & personal

June 1, 2020

As more and more boomers age into Medicare, the landscape is adapting to a newer generation of high-tech and exceedingly knowledgeable seniors. Now more than ever, people are using the internet to scout health care options—ultimately changing the industry along the way. According to Statista, out of Americans 50 years or older: 70 percent own…

Recognizing and Dealing with Stress for Adults 65+

Recognizing and Dealing with Stress for Adults Over 65

April 7, 2020

Stress is fact of life. At some point, we all experience challenges. And while experience can help us be better prepared when a difficult situation arises — our ability to respond and recover have some surprising connections to our age. How stress affects the body A strong emotional response is just one of the ways…

How to Protect Yourself from Airborne Viruses

How to Protect Yourself from Airborne Viruses

March 4, 2020

As we age, our immune systems have a harder time recognizing and mobilizing against viruses. This is especially true for adults over 50. In fact, more than half the people hospitalized for influenza-related illnesses are 65 and older. While nothing can guarantee we won’t get sick, there are some simple strategies for reducing our chances…

3 recommended immunizations for seniors

3 recommended immunizations for seniors

January 6, 2020

As we age, our bodies are less able to protect themselves against common diseases, such as the flu or shingles. As part of National Immunization Awareness Month (and as we close in on flu season), our health care experts researched what immunizations seniors should get, based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and…

The only phone number you need during Medicare’s AEP

Telemedicine: Its impact and future in Medicare

December 12, 2019

Telemedicine is the one of the largest trends to impact the health care industry. In fact, 76 percent of hospitals in the United States utilize technologies to connect with patients and consulting practitioners outside of traditional clinical facilities, according to the American Hospital Association. For perspective, in 2010, that number was just 35 percent. Telemedicine,…

Where to start: Yoga for seniors

Where to start: Yoga for Seniors

November 14, 2019

While the traditional image of someone who practices yoga may be a young person with long limbs and innate flexibility, yoga can be tailored to any body type and age. In fact, most seniors have the ability to do every yoga pose, from restorative child’s pose to even the most challenging headstand — all it…

Seniors & Allergies: How seasonal allergies affect adults 65+

Seniors & Allergies: How seasonal allergies affect adults 65+

September 20, 2019

Spring is here — and that means pesky seasonal allergies are too. According to the CDC, every year more than 50 million Americans experience allergies, which are the sixth-leading cause of chronic illness in the nation. And in seniors, allergies pose a more significant risk; seasonal pollens can further aggravate existing heart conditions and other…

Medication non-adherence: Tips to stay on schedule

Medication Non-Adherence: Tips to Stay on Schedule

August 15, 2019

Sticking to a regular medication schedule is difficult for everyone. Busy schedules and changing routines make it easy to skip these seemingly minor tasks. But for people with serious conditions, including recovering from an injury or managing a chronic illness, maintaining that schedule is critical. When a patient takes less than 80% of their prescribed…

Aging and dietary changes

Aging and dietary changes in Seniors

July 12, 2019

As we age, our dietary needs change. The foods that make up a healthy diet of a younger individual may not work as well for older adults and vice versa. By remaining up-to-date with trends and research, seniors can get ahead of the curve and stay healthy for years to come. Here are a few…

Age in place: Prevent in-home falls

Age in place: Prevent in-home falls

June 4, 2019

According to, average costs for long-term care is growing; for a semi-private room in a nursing home, seniors and their families should expect to pay an average of $6,844 per month. For a private room, that number jumps to $7,698. To mitigate these high costs, many seniors choose the option to age-in-place. Aging in…