Holiday gift ideas for grandchildren

Are you retired and living on a fixed budget? The holidays can stretch finances to the max. While you may feel tempted to overspend on that bright shiny toy for your grandchild, there are plenty of budget-friendly holiday gifts you can give to ensure you don’t go in the red (unless you’re actually wearing red). Check out some inexpensive gift ideas below.

  • Knit or crochet a scarf or stuffed animal
  • Create a photo book from online photos
  • Create a coloring book
  • Prepare a scavenger hunt around your house
  • Make homemade slime
  • Book a special appearance by Santa
  • Iron a design on a shirt
  • Make a small tied-fleece blanket
  • Sew a superhero cape
  • Make costume jewelry with big beads and string
  • Put together a cookie baking kit with all of the ingredients
  • Craft a simple toy from wood
  • Package paper, colored pencils, and paint together for a homemade art kit
  • Make a creative “piggy” bank
  • Build a chalkboard with chalkboard paint
  • Put together a basket of candy and snacks
  • Buy travel versions of games — they’re usually cheaper!
  • Assemble a s’mores kit
  • Make bingo cards for a classic holiday movie — winner gets a prize!
  • Write prompts in a notebook to make a guided journal
  • Create a felt doll
  • Paint a wooden sign
  • Make a personalized growth chart with wallpaper

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