Medicare Drug Plan finder guide

Use our quick guide as a tool when comparing Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. This walk-through is designed to help you take advantage of’s drug plan finder.

In nine simple steps, you can identify the specific Part D options that:

  • Exist in your area
  • Include your current prescriptions
  • Fit your budget

Find your Part D plan

  1. Head to the Medicare Plan Finder on the official website.
  2. Under Basic Search, enter your ZIP code and click Find Plans.
  3. Next, enter your information. If you are already enrolled in Medicare, select Original Medicare. If you do not receive extra government assistance, select I don’t get any extra help. To see your prescription drug plans, select Yes on the final question.

Did you know?
Outside of costs, you should compare Part D plans for their service area, included prescriptions (formularies), travel coverage, and star ratings.

  1. Enter your prescription name in the search bar and click Find My Drug. If you don’t take any prescription medications, select I don’t take any drugs.
  2. For each prescription, select your dosage, quantity, and frequency, and then click Add drug and dosage. When finished adding your prescriptions, select My Drug List is Complete.
  3. Select up to two pharmacies. Choose from the list of available pharmacies or search by pharmacy name. Once you find your pharmacy, click Add Pharmacy. Then click Continue to Plan Results.

Did you know?
Part D plans can change year-to-year. You should reevaluate your existing PDP coverage every AEP to ensure it still fits your needs and budget.

  1. Under the summary of your search results, select Prescription Drug Plans (with Original Medicare). Then, click Continue to plan results.
  2. Compare and select a plan. For additional information and a full breakdown, click the title of the plan.
    To compare options side by side, check the box next to each plan name you want to review and click Compare Plans. In this view, you can easily compare plan health benefits, drug costs and coverage, and star ratings.
  3. When you decide which plan best fits your needs and budget, simply call the non-member phone number for that plan to enroll or click Enroll.

If you need further guidance or have questions that our guide did not answer, please watch this video. As always, our licensed advisors are here to help you make your best healthcare decisions. Give us a call today for hands-on assistance and support.

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