What’s next for Medicare? Big changes happening in 2021

Your roadmap to Medicare coverage in the new year, compliments of United Medicare Advisors

Are you one of the 300,000 Americans who will enroll in Medicare this month?
If you are already enrolled, are you sure your plan is the best one for you?

Medicare coverage and pricing change each year. And every year, the United Medicare Advisors team fully analyzes how these changes may affect people entering the program as well as those already enrolled in Medicare. Our experts have created the 2021 Medicare Outlook to help you understand your Medicare options and choose the one that’s optimized for your budget, lifestyle, and health care needs.

Whether you're preparing for your initial Medicare enrollment or changing to a plan that more closely matches your situation, this guide is your field reference to the ever-changing benefits and out-of-pocket costs associated with hospital, doctor, prescription drug, and Medicare Supplement Insurance policies.

As always, we are United in Your Medicare Journey.

Download this guide to find out:

  • How Part A’s increased deductibles and Part B’s rising premiums will affect you
  • What effect the closing of the “donut hole” will have on your prescriptions
  • How Medigap can alleviate the devastating cost of long-term hospital stays
  • How technology is changing the face of Medicare forever
  • 2021 Medicare pricing guide and much, much more
Download the guide now!